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Unrepressed : The Village of Angels

Recently I was commissioned by InterSastra--Indonesia's Bilingual Literary Magazine to illustrate for their latest campaign, Unrepressed. Unrepressed compiles short stories that talks about taboo Indonesian subjects. I was assigned Aflaha Rizal's short story, Desa Malaikat, where a seemingly nice village is haunted by a military specter. The story is available in English and Indonesian. I identify with the main character way too much and it reminded me of Fahrenheit 451. There is an increasing anti intellectual movement in Indonesia so...hhh. For this short story I want to emphasize Wanto's alienation and the military presence as two intertwined factors that is the background radiation in his life. You can see my thumbnails below.

My goal here is to show how alienated he is from the rest of the villagers and how ominous it all was.

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