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Timor Leste Draws Line at Domestic Violence!

I wanted to walk through my thought process for this

For New Naratif I worked with Charis Loke to produce an Illustration for the article "Timor-Leste Draws its Line on Domestic Violence". Sophie Raynor wrote the article and it was vividly written that images immediately sprung to my min

The Drafts

I wanted to emphasize how speaking up can actually affect the situation and how it also protected the other women in the family, hence the placement and composition. After a few corrections I made this as a guide for myself

The biggest difficulty for me was actually doing the spot illustration. I had in mind that I wanted to show how these families are between a rock and a hard place before the state intervened but all ideas I had doesn't seem to gel. All I can think of is the family in between two places --and the composition is all very scattered.

I took a break and decided to flip through Adam Hughes' art book . I love that he doesn't really cover up his less than polished sketches . The sketches made me pick up my pencil and sketch more loosely which gave me a breakthrough and made me produce this --which got an OK and I finalized it.

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